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Features? Here’s the 4-4-2

Green Card app screenshot
  • Card icon New Season Excited for the new season? So are we! Keep on the lookout for any new ways to earn rewards!
  • Card icon Watch Games Live in HD in the Pub It’s like you’re there! See every match in all it’s scarily glorified detail - every dive, trip and awesome trick.
  • Card icon Earn Rewards as you spend The only season ticket you’ll ever have where you’re guaranteed a win!
  • Card icon Keep On-The-Ball Get all the latest team talk, news, comradery and competitions.
  • Card icon Interact on Facebook & Twitter Banter, debate and fill the rumour mill online whenever you please because you can never talk about football too much!
  • Card icon Live Fixtures & Results You’ll be the 007 of all things football - there will be nothing that can slip past the net.

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